Norris on Hubert crash: Could happen to any of us

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Lando Norris on Hubert crash: Could happen to any of us

Lando Norris on Hubert crash: Could happen to any of us

Lando Norris admits he was shaken by Anthoine Hubert’s death but says at the end of the day it is his job to race, and race is exactly what he did at Spa.

The world of motorsport was left reeling when Hubert was killed on Saturday, involved in a multi-car crash on the second lap of the Formula 2 feature race.

All those in the Spa paddock paid tribute to the 22-year-old Arden driver ahead of the F1 grand prix.

It was a difficult race for all involved with Norris revealing he could not helping thinking it could have been anyone of them, it could have been him.

“I didn’t feel great ahead of the race,” the McLaren driver told the Telegraph.

“What happened here on Saturday could happen to any of us. It could have been me last year racing in Formula Two.

“When you think like that, it starts shaking you.

“Maybe some people take it better than others, but I didn’t take it too well.


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Rest In Peace Anthoine ??

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“At the end of the day, my job is to race for the team.

“I still need to live my life, move on and do things that sometimes I don’t want to do.

“I wanted to race today, but at the same time I felt so sorry for everyone involved.

“I don’t even like talking about it.

“He was a racer like we all are but he was just the unlucky guy.

“It was very unexpected, and something that is so rare, but at the same time it could still happen in Formula One.”

Lewis Hamilton, who himself had a big crash in FP3 on Saturday and, after news of Hubert’s death, took to social media to speak about the dangers of racing, said Hubert and his family were never far from his thoughts.

“It’s not the best of weekends for the sport,” he said.

“Yesterday was a very tough day… And just coming here, we all had to clear our thoughts and then race with Anthoine in spirit.

“I remember when I crashed in P3, I heard some fans were yelling or cheering – and it was quite a decent hit – and that’s what encouraged me to say the things I did at the end of the day.

“But coming here today, it was really hard to believe that we’d lost a great racing driver – and the world continues on.

“The race was going on so you have to get in the car and do the job. I raced with his family in my thoughts and I think the team did a good job.”

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