Norris: Strength comment taken out of context

Michelle Foster


Lando Norris says his comments about F2 being harder than F1 were “taken out of context” as what he meant was the feeder series was harder on the arms but F1, the rest of the body.

Norris was recently asked to weigh in on F2 versus F1 and which he felt was harder on the body.

The McLaren rookie said “F2’s much harder physically on the arms” while later saying he feels more comfortable in an F1 car.

He added: “Not because it’s easy or anything, but I just have a better feeling for it.”

He was asked about those comments in the build-up to the German GP but says it was “taken out of context”.

He told the official F1 website: “Physically on the arms F2 is much hard because there is no power steering.

“But on the total body F1 is more difficult because of the endurance, the Gs you pull, also on the neck, the core, everything, your body takes much more of a toll.

“But in terms of the arm strength, F2 is much more difficult than F1.

“But all together F1 is still harder than F2.

“They put both of these quotes in but the title as the wrong one.

“It is different, mainly because of the power steering, but in terms of the forces on my body, you have to be stronger in F1 than F2.”

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