Nyck de Vries follows Nicholas Latifi example with post-F1 career move

Sam Cooper
AlphaTauri driver Nyck de Vries at the British Grand Prix. Silverstone, July 2023.

AlphaTauri's Nyck de Vries at the British Grand Prix. Silverstone, July 2023.

Nyck de Vries is following the Nicholas Latifi playbook on life after F1 as the Dutchman heads for Harvard.

Not much has been heard from De Vries since his sudden departure from AlphaTauri following the British Grand Prix but he has now revealed what is next on his calendar.

His choice is seemingly an increasingly popular one with ex-Formula 1 drivers as he heads back to school.

Nyck de Vries to study at Harvard after F1 career cut short

Following life in the F1 paddock, De Vries has decided to broaden his horizons by studying Negotiation and Leadership at Harvard in the US which according to him, is the first time he has done any studying since high school.

“I’ve never studied before in my life, in fact, I didn’t even finish high school,” he told RacingNews365.

“But in September I’m going to take a course at Harvard. Negotiation and Leadership, a little bit of studying. More because I just like it now that I have some time and the interest to learn other things.”

De Vries may even find he has a familiar lecturer as Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is an executive fellow at the Harvard Business School where he also serves as guest lecturer.

The former AlphaTauri driver is not the only F1 man to pick up the books with Latifi announcing last month that he was to attend the London Business School and will begin his studies this month.

Latifi spent half a year away from the spotlight after finishing a three-year stint as Williams driver in 2022. recommends

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Nyck de Vries’ F1 exit not tough to take

Having had his F1 dream ended for the time being so soon, it is natural to think that De Vries may have taken the news hard but the 28-year-old has said the opposite, suggesting it was his friends and family that helped him get through it,

“Actually not,” he said when asked if had been tough to take.

“I had a lot of support and it actually went very naturally. I’ve been playing a lot of golf since then.”

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