Ocon will ‘transform’ under new weight rules

Date published: February 10 2019 - Editor

Esteban Ocon will "transform" under the new driver minimum weight rule and return in 2020.

Mercedes development driver Esteban Ocon claims he will “transform” himself under Formula 1’s new weight rules as he aims for a 2020 return.

Ocon will act as a reserve driver for Mercedes this season after a series of events left him without a drive in 2019 despite an impressive campaign last year.

The Frenchman is one of the tallest drivers in the sport and has suffered a weight penalty as a result.

And with his absence from the 2019 grid, he will not be able to benefit from the first year of the introduction of a minimum driver weight.

Speaking to Autosport.com, he said: “What I don’t want to swallow at all, what I will not swallow, is that I’m not back in 2020.

“I would be massively disappointed by this. I believe I will be back and I trust the people around me to be back.

“I will just be even better prepared – with everything I know, with the knowledge I have from the [2018] season.

“I will transform myself with the new weight regulations, and I will arrive more ready than I was when I started at Force India [in 2017].

“I believe that with the amount of work I put in every day, this situation will change.

“My dedication will pay off and I will be back in 2020.”

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