On-board footage shows new dramatic angle of huge Sergio Perez and Haas collision

Jamie Woodhouse
Sergio Perez's wrecked Red Bull after crashing at the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez's wrecked Red Bull.

The on-board camera from Zhou Guanyu’s Sauber captured the absolute carnage caused by Sergio Perez and the Haas cars colliding at the Monaco Grand Prix.

After a disappointing Q1 elimination, Perez had a huge task on his hands to work his way into the points around a Monaco track where overtaking is notoriously difficult, though found himself being lined up by the Haas of Kevin Magnussen up the hill out of Sainte Devote.

Zhou Guanyu camera captures Sergio Perez and Haas debris mess

But as Magnussen kept the nose of his Haas stuck in, he and Perez would collide, wrecking everything but the survival cell on Perez’s Red Bull with Magnussen and his Haas team-mate Nico Hulkenberg also eliminated in the shunt.

All three fortunately were unhurt in the crash which caused the race to be red flagged and footage from Zhou’s Sauber, who had been following behind this trio, offered a much clearer demonstration of just how much debris had been left on the track after this massive collision.

As the medical car came powering through, Zhou attempted to crawl and pick his way through the sea of debris, an impossible task as he managed by the finest of margins to squeeze past the medical car and Perez’s wrecked Red Bull RB20.

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One look at the state of that Red Bull tells you that it will not be a cheap repair job, senior advisor Helmut Marko having put a multi-million price on the damage, which is far from ideal in the F1 cost cap era and at a time where Red Bull are seeing the likes of McLaren and Ferrari closing in.

“This is costing us about two to three million and with the budget cap that is of course a big handicap,” Marko revealed to Sky Deutschland.

“It was another crash that Magnussen was involved in. You should watch the replays carefully.

“Thank God it ended well, but it was a critical situation.”

The stewards determined that no further action was required after the incident, music to the ears of Magnussen who sits just two penalty points away from receiving a one-race ban.

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