Lewis Hamilton on a motorbike?! F1 v MotoGP at the British Grand Prix

Henry Valantine
Lewis Hamilton split with MotoGP riders. F1.

A split image of Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton and two MotoGP riders at Silverstone.

On Track GP has caught up with fans of F1 and MotoGP at the latest round of motorcycle racing’s premier class at its British round at Silverstone this weekend.

While there are big differences between the ways the drivers and riders have to go about their racing when driving on four wheels or riding on two, the underlying motorsport message is exactly the same: Try and beat whoever is on track.

There is also plenty of crossover in the fanbases of both disciplines too, and presenter Joe Ashman was on the ground at Silverstone to chat to people to get their thoughts about the weekend while F1 takes its summer break.

On Track GP chats to F1 and MotoGP fans at Silverstone

The MotoGP action is one of several series motorsport fans can watch while Formula 1 is on its enforced summer hiatus, with the Dutch Grand Prix not set to take place for another three weeks yet.

And while chatting to one fan, Joe asked for the one F1 driver who they would like to see try their hand in MotoGP, and the response came: “I want to see how [Lewis] Hamilton handles himself, because he says he’s a bike rider, so it would be nice to see what he does.”

Hamilton has struck up a friendship with MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi over the years, and the two have been spotted in the Formula 1 paddock multiple times, with Rossi having even taken part in F1 tests himself before – so whether or not Hamilton would be willing to do the same one day is a fun question for fans of Formula 1 to mull over.

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