Oscar Piastri shattering ‘bullsh*t’ F1 perception with incredible McLaren season

Sam Cooper
Oscar Piastri holds his P3 trophy at Suzuka.

McLaren driver Oscar Piastri holds his P3 trophy after securing his first ever F1 podium.

Oscar Piastri is breaking a “bullsh*t” perception within the world of Formula 1 according to Gerhard Berger.

The Australian has impressed everyone in his debut year, making McLaren’s effort to prise him away from Alpine seem all the more worth it.

With a sprint victory already under his belt, Piastri looks a star for the now as well as the future and Berger reckons he has dispelled a popular F1 myth.

Oscar Piastri in the same mould as Lando Norris and Max Verstappen says Gerhard Berger

Arguably not since Lewis Hamilton has a rookie come in and hit the ground running like Piastri. While Max Verstappen entered the sport very young, it was not until he moved to Red Bull in 2016 where he began to show his full ability.

Piastri though has shown moments of brilliance throughout the year including two podiums as well as sprint pole and win in Qatar.

Berger, who first raced in F1 in 1984, believes Piastri’s performances prove a rookie can be quick.

“It used to be said all the time that you need to drive in Formula 1 for one, two or three years to get used to everything,” he told Servus TV.

“Sorry, but that’s just bullsh*it! Just get in and drive. Max Verstappen was immediately quick, Lando Norris was immediately quick, and now it’s Piastri.

“These are outstanding talents.”

On Verstappen, Berger described him as “incredibly likeable guy” and one that is good “through and through.”

“It’s fascinating and sensational how this guy finishes so many races at the front – without the slightest mistake,” the Austrian said.

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“He is also just an incredibly likeable guy. I have seen very few drivers like him – always giving an answer, always patient and kind. Max is a good guy through and through.”

As for Lewis Hamilton’s Turn 1 crash with George Russell, Berger had no doubt whose fault it was.

“I was surprised that certain TV stations were confused about it,” he said. “It was completely clear who was to blame.

“What I did like was that Hamilton apologised immediately. Being able to stand up after a situation like that and take responsibility is impressive.”

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