Oscar Piastri makes a date with Martin Brundle after Sky pundit’s ‘not finest grid walk moment’

Michelle Foster
Oscar Piastri smiling while standing in front of the McLaren logo.

Oscar Piastri makes a date with Martin Brundle.

Oscar Piastri has offered to reschedule an interview with Martin Brundle for Japan after the Sky pundit admitted their first attempt in Singapore “wasn’t my finest grid walk moment”.

Known for his grid walks, the Sky Sports pundit has lamented in the past that he’s more well-known for those than he is for his nine F1 podium results, it’s usually Brundle who gets the cold shoulder from those he wants to speak to.

But in Singapore, it was Piastri who got blanked.

Oscar Piastri: FWIW, I’d have done the same

Brundle stopped the McLaren rookie as he made his way onto the grid for the pre-race ceremony and national anthem with the Briton asking him about his plans for the grand prix.

Piastri replied: “Yeah, we’ll try our best, see if we can get…”

And that’s where it ended, as Brundle turned away from the Aussie to speak to the approaching Esteban Ocon to wish him “happy birthday”.

Turning back to Piastri, Brundle found he had walked off, the Aussie having done so with a rueful smile on his face.

There are, however, no hard feelings with Piastri taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to reschedule an interview for the Japanese Grand Prix.

“Shall we finish that interview in Suzuka, Martin Brundle?” he wrote, before adding: “FWIW, I’d have done the same. Happy birthday Esteban Ocon.”

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Brundle responded to the rookie, accepting that wasn’t one of his best grid walk moments.

“Um, yes sorry about that Oscar, wasn’t my finest grid walk moment in 26 years,” he said.

“Just wanted to wish Esteban happy birthday as he strode past, but you were DRS open and full battery and quite rightly dropped me like an Aussie Rules rookie.”

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