Fighting talk from Szafnauer in new Alpine role

Mark Scott
Otmar Szafnauer begins new role as Alpine team principal. February 2022

Otmar Szafnauer begins new role as Alpine team principal. February 2022

Otmar Szafnauer has vowed to help Alpine beat “the Aston Martins of this world” – and everyone else for good measure as well.

The 57-year-old has made the leap across from Aston Martin to join Alpine as their new team principal in the second shake-up in as many years at the Enstone team.

Szafnauer was formally introduced as the new team boss at the Alpine A522 launch, bringing with him a major title sponsor in water treatment company BWT.

And, just like the Racing Point days of old which Szafnauer oversaw, that brought with it plenty of pink in the new A522 livery. Or should we say, liveries, given that Alpine will be running two different looks this season.

But, away from the aesthetics, Szafnauer was clear in his own personal targets with his new team and wants to be the person to help build and maintain a strong bond within Alpine, providing the team with a platform for real success in the years to come.

“It is such an honour to step on to the stage with the BWT Alpine Formula 1 team,” Szafnauer said.

“I’ve had the…I was going to say pleasure…but the displeasure of racing against these formidable competitors. I remember all too well when they [Alpine] beat us [at Aston Martin] in Hungary. They didn’t put a foot wrong and I congratulate them on that.

“They are such [great] competitors and a group of racers. I look forward to joining them and helping them beat not just the Aston Martins of this world, but everyone else on track.

Asked what he felt he could bring to the Alpine team in his new role, Szafnauer replied: “I will bring my style of collaborative leadership.

“I heard Luca [De Meo, Renault CEO] mentioned that the glue that keeps us all together is very important and I too feel that the glue that keeps us all together, pointing in the right direction, is the key to this.

“I will try to bring a really strong glue, so my style of leadership and collaborativeness, and trustfulness within the organisation.”


“We have to be passionate about what we do, whatever the task,” he continued.

“A high-performing team’s key to success has, and always will be, teamwork. We’ll control what we are able to control, we’ll enjoy our journey, and we’ll enjoy the racing because that is what we’re here to do.

“As a team, we’re all racers and that is why we enjoy our work in Formula 1. With this passion and teamwork, I know success will come.”


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