‘Painful’ 2021 talks over, on to the ‘fun’ stuff

Date published: November 24 2019 - Jamie Woodhouse

Mercedes technical chief James Allison is glad to have moved on to the "fun" part of the 2021 regulations.

Mercedes technical director James Allison says teams are now tackling the “fun” parts of the 2021 regulations after months of “painful” talks.

It took almost four months longer than hoped, but last month F1 finally signed off the new technical, financial and sporting regulations which will come into effect from 2021.

The wide-scale changes will look to shake Formula 1 up, making it more affordable and more competitive, so Allison is glad that the talks are now out of the way, because this is where the “fun” part begins.

“You’d be a weird F1 engineer if you weren’t excited by having a fistful of new regulations to digest, look for opportunity within and to go off and try and make the fastest possible car you can from them,” he is quoted by Motorsport.com.

“So for us, probably the work of the last years and the particularly the climax of the last few weeks and months, that’s been a bit painful.

“But we’re at the point now where it’s just the fun bit. You got the pamphlet in your hand and you set to work with it.”

On top of introducing more standardised parts and a cost cop, arguably the biggest change from 2021 will be the design of the cars – simpler front wings and the scrapping of bargeboards will play major roles in making it easier for cars to follow and overtake.

Allison says this is a “very worthy” goal, but that it’s also a “very difficult objective to actually realise”.

“They have very worthy objectives, but very difficult, very, very difficult objectives to actually realise,” he admitted.

“I think the proof of that pudding will be in the eating, we’ll find out in 2021 how successful the overall package has been in delivering on those very worthy but very difficult goals.

“That doesn’t really at this point, interest, a team any longer. A team just has the regulations in their hands.”

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