Perez ‘more optimistic’ over Mexican GP future

Sergio Perez says he is "more optimistic" over the future of the Mexican GP.

Sergio Perez says he is "more optimistic" over the future of the Mexican GP.

Racing Point’s Sergio Perez is “more optimistic than he used to be” over the Mexican Grand Prix’s future in Formula 1.

Mexico re-joined the Formula 1 calendar in 2015 and has established itself as one of the best-attended events on the calendar already.

However, a change of authority has created doubt over the future of the publicly-funded event.

Mexico currently joins Spain, Britain, Germany and Italy as venues who are yet to secure their respective futures post-2019.

But, after speaking negatively about Mexico’s future during pre-season, Perez, the sole representative on the grid, is now more hopeful of positive news.

“It’s looking a bit more promising lately,” he told Motorsport Week.

“I really hope that for Formula 1 that we don’t lose such a big venue, it’s been the best Grand Prix in the last four years and I hope we get to see the Grand Prix more often in the calendar.

“Also for my country I think we need Formula 1 because it’s a great exposure, it really shows how great is Mexico as a country, so I’m optimistic so I’m more optimistic than I used to be.

“There are some talks, I obviously don’t have the full details and it’s not my job to really comment on that. It’s just that things probably aren’t as bad as they were so there might be some hope.”

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