Pierre Gasly finds an ally in his ‘inconsistent’ stewards complaints

Michelle Foster
Pierre Gasly with Esteban Ocon and a cameraman in the background. Britain July 2023

Pierre Gasly with his Alpine team-mate Esteban Ocon and a cameraman in the background. Britain July 2023

Pierre Gasly has found an ally in Naomi Schiff after accusing the stewards of being inconsistent in their rulings when Lance Stroll avoided a penalty for passing him with all four wheels off the track at Silverstone.

Gasly and Stroll engaged in a battle late in the British Grand Prix as the duo fought for a possible points position.

Stroll initially overtook Gasly but did so with all four wheels off the track with the Alpine driver quick to note that to his team over the radio.

Pierre Gasly calls out ‘inconsistent’ stewards

But while the stewards had a look, they declared no investigation was necessary which baffled many including the Frenchman.

Ironically that call came on the back of an Austrian Grand Prix in which Gasly, and many others, were penalised for exceeding track limits and yet the stewards felt a track limits overtake at Silverstone was within the regulations.

“The first one he passed me off the racetrack,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“So last weekend complaints about us and we got penalised, a 10 second penalty, for going up the racetrack, and I honestly I don’t want to make any comment because I’m just being unnecessary.

“I just don’t understand so I’ll just keep it here. But for me, it’s just not normal to not to be consistent between drivers.”

The two would go onto clash again, this time including contact with Gasly off the track and suffering a broken suspension that put him out of the race. Stroll was eventually penalised for that one but that did nothing to salvage Gasly’s afternoon.

“I’m just extremely disappointed because we were doing most of the race right,” he added.

“It seems like everything went wrong for us, we stopped a lap before the Safety Car came out and lost two positions so dropped out of the points.

“Then we were in a situation with Stroll who managed to take us outside of the race track, we manage to pass to pass him back, managed to pass Sainz.

“In the end to just be taken out like that I’m extremely disappointed, don’t score points.

“I think there’s still a lot of positive as we were extremely close to Alonso for most of the first stint, so some positives, but obviously we got to work and find much more performance to fight for bigger points.”

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Sky Sports pundit Schiff agrees with Gasly that the stewards got the first one wrong.

“I think the stewards are going to have to do something about that because at the end of the day, not only as he says did he pass him off the track, which was being policed so hard last week – of course track limits needs to be violated multiple times to get that 10-second penalty, but when you take someone off the track something needs to be done about it,” she explained.

“But obviously the second time around where he actually rejoined the track unsafely should we say, or in a manner that could compromise Gasly’s race, something’s not fair.

“It’s not fair and something should be done about it.”

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