Pierre Gasly disappointed with lack of ‘variety’ following regulation changes

Sam Cooper
Pierre Gasly gestures during a press conference. Singapore September 2022.

Pierre Gasly gestures while talking during a press conference. Singapore September 2022.

Pierre Gasly has said the 2022 regulation overhaul has been “positive” but admitted he had hoped for more “variety” in the top finishing orders.

The wave of regulation changes were brought at the start of the season with the goal of producing closer racing and while cars have been able to follow behind each other, the top order has largely remained the same.

Of the 60 podiums on offer to drivers so far this season, all but one of them have gone to either a Red Bull, Mercedes or Ferrari driver.

Lando Norris’s third-place at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is currently the only exception to that rule.

Gasly, whose best result this season has so far been a fifth place in Baku, said that the regulation changes had been “positive” but hoped the coming years would bring more “variety.”

“I think overall it’s been positive,” he said during the drivers’ press conference for the Brazillian Grand Prix. “I think in terms of racing, we’ve seen more overtakes.

“In terms, driving-wise, it seems like it’s easier for us to follow on some tracks. So definitely on that side, I think they’ve been providing and improving the sport.

“On the other side, looking at all the podiums this year, and only seeing Lando managed to make it to the podium only once, apart from the top three.

“Personally, I was hoping that we could see a bit more variety in the finishing order, like in the top finishing orders, with maybe more midfield teams getting the chance to fight for podiums.

“So hopefully, this is something that can improve over the next couple of years and get the field closer together, have more teams fighting for podiums.

“You will always have one or two dominant teams, but at least hopefully with gaps not big enough not to give opportunities for the midfield to be in contention for podiums.

“So, I think that was one of the big targets. Hopefully with the windtunnel time etc, over the years, it’s going to merge towards a similar performance for most of the teams which, as a driver, will be the best for all of us to give us the chance to fight at the top.”

Carlos Sainz, who was sat alongside Gasly, agreed and said that he believed F1 was going in the “right direction.”

“I think Formula 1 got it right in principle,” the Ferrari driver said. “And in general, I think these new cars have allowed us to race closer, to be able to overtake in places and corners or in circuits where before it was always more difficult. So I think the racing is more exciting.

“I think the field spread is still relatively big, but as soon as these regulations stabilise I think we are all going to converge and the championship is just going to keep getting more and more interesting with the passing of the years and the races. I think it’s been the right direction.”

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