Pierre Gasly’s ‘great teamwork’ verdict as Esteban Ocon and Alpine clash over Canada GP orders

Jamie Woodhouse
Pierre Gasly talking in the Alpine garage at the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix.

Alpine's Pierre Gasly.

Pierre Gasly was keen to play down the significance of the Alpine Canadian GP team orders which irked Esteban Ocon, stressing that there was “great teamwork” across the board.

Alpine had requested Ocon, running P9, to concede position to Gasly so that he could attack RB’s Daniel Ricciardo, that request initially met with “forget it” from Ocon, who would oblige by the penultimate lap, with Gasly unable to pass Ricciardo from there.

Pierre Gasly says Alpine team orders ‘no big deal’

Ocon did not attempt to hide his frustrations over the fact that the team did not reverse the positions again before the chequered flag, Ocon saying he had been the “team player” but Alpine did not do their part.

Gasly was keen to put the spotlight on the fact that Alpine recorded a double points finish, taking their F1 2024 season tally up to five, as he praised the “great teamwork” which he saw going on throughout the race.

“First of all, I think the main news should be that we scored points with both cars and looking at all the simulation this morning, none of them looked that it would be achievable,” he told reporters after the race.

“So definitely a very positive day for the team.

“The target was quite clear at the end. I was faster on the hard tyres towards the end of the race and I was right behind Daniel and as soon as Daniel overtook Esteban, the goal was for the other car to let me pass and for the last four laps to try to overtake Daniel with the DRS.

“It took slightly more time than we would have liked, but honestly, it’s no big deal.

“What’s tricky is these two laps for Daniel to break the DRS and when you do it two laps to the end, it’s too far away.

“But then, [had it been done] slightly earlier, then potentially I’m in the DRS and you get slightly more chances.

“But honestly, it’s no big deal. I still think we did a great teamwork today, we tried different stuff, he [Ocon] stayed out on the inters, I boxed, I put the hard tyres [on], we got some good data.

“I think it was a very good day for the whole team and to come out with three points could be very valuable at the end of the year.”

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Alpine has since issued a statement to clarify why they did not put Ocon back ahead of Gasly before the end of the race, with the lurking Haas of Nico Hulkenberg making that switch too risky to attempt.

An Alpine spokesperson said: “Early into Lap 68, Esteban was instructed to let Pierre by in order to give Pierre [a] chance to attack Ricciardo for P8.

“The reason being Esteban was losing performance with the suspected PU issue and the team had confidence for Pierre to attack Ricciardo with DRS (and Ricciardo without DRS).

“Esteban then let Pierre by halfway into Lap 69 at Turn 8. By this time [it] was too late, Ricciardo escaped too far ahead for Pierre to put pressure on and with Hulkenberg threatening behind, it was too risky to swap back positions.

“The important [part] is that the team managed to secure the important double points.”

Alpine returned to P8 in the Constructors’ Championship after the Canadian GP, now three points clear of Williams.

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