Pirelli delay 18-inch tyre tests until 2021

Jamie Woodhouse
Pirelli 18-inch tyre tests 2021

FIA approve use of 2021 cars in 18-inch tyre tests.

With the 18-inch tyres now delayed until 2022, Pirelli have pushed back their scheduled tests to next year.

As part of the new regulations set to come in from 2021, Formula 1 was going to upgrade from the current 13-inch tyres to 18-inch rubber.

However, the new regulations have now been delayed until 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic that has stopped the 2020 campaign from getting underway.

Pirelli were given a contract to supply the larger tyres from 2021-23, with tests to take place this year.

A Pirelli spokesperson told Racefans.net: “Testing on 18-inch tyres will now happen during 2021.

“We will work together with all the parties involved to identify the best approach from now on.”

Pirelli had already tested the prototype new tyres at Jerez last month. Charles Leclerc drove a mule Ferrari car which was based on its 2020 chassis with a modified suspension due to the larger tyres.

The second outing at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track on March 5 was cancelled.

As well as now needing to put the tests on hold for a year, Pirelli will also now have to spread their development costs over two seasons, rather than three.

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