Pirelli: Haas tyre issues are chassis related

Michelle Foster
Pirelli: Haas tyre issues are chassis related

Pirelli: Haas tyre issues are chassis related

Pirelli’s F1 boss Mario Isola says Haas need to look at themselves when it comes to the tyre issues they have experienced this season.

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner has been critical of Pirelli’s revised 2019 tyres, saying the tyres are dominating the championship.

“We shouldn’t be talking always about if the tyre works or not,” he told Autosport. “It’s interesting but, no, that’s not Formula 1.

“‘Did you get the tyre to work? Yes – then I’m fast. Oh, my tyre didn’t work, then I’m slow’.

“We spend millions and millions to develop these cars and then they are out of the [tyre] window and really cannot get going.”

“I’m not blaming it purely on Pirelli. I’m blaming it on us as well because some [teams] get [the tyres] to work.

“But in general, this is not the right thing. We shouldn’t be talking after the race, ‘did your tyre work or not?'”

Pirelli have very little sympathy for Haas’ complaints.

So much so that Isola says the American team should look at their own chassis for the problem.

“I find it difficult to judge, because it is related to their chassis,” he is quoted by Russia’s Championat.

“It seems that in qualifying they are fast, but in the race the temperature of the tyres drops and they cannot maintain the same speed.

“They need to find a way to load the rubber more strongly since it was originally designed to work most effectively at high temperatures.”

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