Pirelli welcome further downforce restrictions

Jamie Woodhouse
F1 2019 tyres Pirelli

Pirelli motorsport boss Mario Isola welcomes the FIA’s move to reduce downforce levels on the F1 cars further for 2021.

A combination of the teams rejecting the proposed 2020 Pirelli compounds and delaying of the new rules until 2022 means that in 2021, Pirelli will have to supply the same tyres for the third season in a row.

And with the rate of development on a modern Formula 1 car, that means a serious amount of stress will be applied to the those tyres.

We saw already at the British Grand Prix with the multiple tyre failures just how challenging the situation could be for Pirelli.

But the FIA recently beefed up their original downforce-reduction plans for 2021 to make sure that the tyres could cope with the final, and likely most challenging year of demand.

And unsurprisingly that has gone down very well indeed with Pirelli.

“We have cars with the highest level of downforce we have ever seen,” Isola told the F1 website.

“Having another step in the direction of reducing the level of downforce is for sure beneficial because with more downforce – and also considering [the construction will not have changed] for three years – the only reaction from our side is to increase the pressure, then we have side effects like overheating, blistering, for example, or additional degradation.

“And if we have a change in regulations that is helping that, it’s more than welcome.”

The designs of the outer floor area will be adjusted to ensure that downforce levels are reduced, but Isola said that cars can avoid struggling with a lack of grip through corners by adjusting their set-ups accordingly.

“It’s a matter of balancing the car and making a proper set-up,” he said.

“In the past we had less downforce and we didn’t have any issues. It’s just that the teams have to work with a different car.”

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