Plan agreed to reduce downforce in 2021

Jamie Woodhouse
Brazil GP start 2019 pa

Brazil GP start 2019 pa

A report by says Formula 1 teams’ technical directors have agreed to reduce the level of downforce produced by cars for 2021.

New sporting, technical and financial regulations were set to come in to Formula 1 for 2021 which would have addressed the design of F1 cars and their downforce effect in a bid to improve the quality of racing.

However, those regulations have now been pushed back until 2022 since no racing has yet been possible so far in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report states that teams are concerned that the performance of the existing cars will be too much for the 13-inch Pirelli tyres which will remain in use.

Teams rejected the new compounds that were designed for 2020, meaning they will continue to use the 2019 rubber for this year and 2021.

The new generation of cars for 2022 would then see a switch to 18-inch tyres.

A teleconference meeting of the Technical Working Group discussed how to restrict further performance gains next year which could push the current tyres over their limits.

The report states that a proposal to reduce the load on the tyres by introducing technical changes to the bodywork, floor and wings to cut downforce levels was agreed.

These changes will reportedly be approved at a meeting between team principals next week.

Teams are keen to avoid spending large amounts on developing their current cars in 2021, the last planned season of their existence, but still want to have some freedom to address weaknesses.

The report states that a “token” system was discussed, like what was used when the V6 turbo-hybrid engines were brought in to Formula 1 six years ago, therefore limiting the development programmes which teams can run.

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