Latifi: Points should be given for pole position

Mark Scott
Nicholas Latifi

Nicholas Latifi wants to form the 'Twitch Quintet'.

Nicholas Latifi has suggested that Formula 1 should introduce bonus points for drivers who clinch pole position on a race weekend.

Formula 1’s most recent addition to the points system was to award an extra point to the driver who finished in the top 10 with the fastest lap of the race.

But Latifi, still waiting to make his Formula 1 debut with Williams, thinks there should also be recognition to the driver who comes out on top in what the Canadian feels is one of the hardest stages of the weekend in qualifying.

“I think for sure there should be points given out for qualifying,” Latifi said via Sky F1 during an Instagram Live session.

“At least two points, kind of like they do for pole position for Formula 2.

“I think in F2 they give out too many points as four points is quite a lot. But one thing I never really liked about F1 is that yes, there has been dominance from teams always, that’s how it has been.

“You’re going to get the same cars on pole, but sometimes you get the pole position and everyone makes such a big deal out of Saturday and the qualifying day.

But, in reality, if you get a bad start, it means absolutely nothing.

“I think qualifying is one of the most difficult parts of racing in general. And if you get on pole, you should be awarded for that in my opinion. So I’d say give at least two points for pole positions.”

Latifi would also welcome having reverse grid races to help spice Formula 1 up a bit.

“That would be cool, it would only add to the excitement of a race weekend,” Latifi added.

“Reverse grids in Formula 2, having taken part in a lot of them, they’re really fun, chaotic and unpredictable.

“They always throw something up that no one expects so I think that would be quite cool. Maybe even a larger portion of reverse grid, in F2 it’s only the top eight.

“In F1, as there is a bigger disparity between car performances, it would be cool to have something even better.

“Top ten, top 15 or why not just flip the whole grid around completely.”

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