F1 decision to ‘influence’ Porsche’s Formula E future

Ben Johnston

VW could send Porsche or Audi to Formula 1 in 2025.

Thomas Laudenbach, vice-president of motorsport with Porsche, has confirmed their decision to remain involved in Formula E beyond next season will be influenced by what happens with the company’s recent links to F1.

Volkswagen Group, owners of Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini, are interested in joining Formula 1 when the new engine regulations come into the sport in 2026.

McLaren boss Zak Brown recently admitted the Woking-based outfit had held talks with Volkswagen Group about a possible link-up between the two companies.  

Porsche are already involved in Formula E and in their third season, which began last weekend, they are aiming to improve on being the eighth best team in their previous two campaigns.

“The success wasn’t as good as we expected, or as we wanted to have. That’s a fact. The goal is we want to win races in Formula E, and [that] we are for sure heading for a championship,” said Laudenbach, quoted by Motorsport.com.

“For us, it’s clear we will at a certain stage decide about the future of our Formula E engagement so far.”

Porsche were last involved in Formula 1 in 1991 when they supplied engines to the Arrows team.

Porsche will make a decision about their future in motorsport over the next month or so.

“Throughout the next year we will decide if we want to carry on, if we want to extend it,” Laudenbach added about Formula E.

Former Formula 1 driver Pascal Wehrlein in Formula E testing. Valencia December 2021.
Pascal Wehrlein takes part in Formula E pre-season testing in Spain. Valencia December 2021.

Porsche have been monitoring the changes happening in Formula 1.

“It’s not a secret that we are thinking about [F1] and that the factors for Porsche to join F1 – namely an increased push for greater electrification to elements of the powertrain – are coming true,” said Laudenbach.

“When we decided the commitments, including season 10, for Formula E, I don’t think we had something with Formula 1 back in our mind.

“So I think these were two things which are completely separate from each other.”

The Volkswagen Group confirmed the door remains open in relation to Formula 1.

“And yes, for sure if in the meantime there would be a decision for Formula 1, which is extremely open, this will have an influence of what we do in all the other programmes. That’s clear,”  concluded Laudenbach.


Volkswagen Group considering entering Formula 1 in 2026 is great news for the sport and fans as it would be an added manufacturer which would see the German company continue their rivalry with Mercedes.


More rumours circulate about Porsche and Audi

More rumours have been circulated surrounding the entry of Porsche and Audi to F1.