Huge potential Red Bull junior team title sponsor tight-lipped on rumours

Michelle Foster
A close-up shot of the AlphaTauri nose cone.

AlphaTauri will have a new title sponsor in 2024

Adidas have refused to deny rumours they’re set to replace AlphaTauri as the title sponsor of Red Bull’s junior team next season.

Earlier this year Red Bull revealed AlphaTauri would be revamped ahead of the new season, the team having a new team boss in Laurent Mekies, a new name, and it would also have closer ties to Red Bull when it comes to car design and development.

While it was initially speculated that fashion house Hugo Boss would take over from AlphaTauri, the team’s CEO Peter Bayer rejected that.

Hugo Boss or Adidas?

Speaking to Blick, he said: “They (Hugo Boss) are also involved in the new project. But the new name is much bigger.”

The Swiss newspaper went on to suggest Adidas.

That was put to a spokesperson for the company by DPA news agency with the sportwear manufacturer refusing to answer.

“As a matter of principle, we do not participate in speculation,” the spokesperson said.

According to DPA, it is Adidas’ new CEO Bjorn Gulden who is driving the company’s move into Formula 1. recommends

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Last month Bayer, the new CEO of the Red Bull junior team, spoke with PlanetF1’s Thomas Maher about the rebranding.

Declaring Red Bull’s shareholders told them they didn’t want to sell AlphaTauri but needed to rebrand it, he revealed: “They said, ‘Look, guys, we won’t sell it, we’ll keep the team.

“‘But we want to have a fresh start, we want to look at the global direction, strategic direction of the team, commercial success to sporting success. Let’s take a critical look at all the elements.’

“That’s why it’s a unique opportunity. We’re building on experience but, at the same time, the sky’s the limit for innovation and development.”

He, however, wouldn’t hint at the new name. “I’d love to, to be honest, but I’m not allowed. It’s all NDA-protected!” he said.

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