Race or reserve: Hamilton over Russell? Leclerc a better driver than Sainz?

Mark Scott
Mercedes team-mates Lewis Hamilton and George Russell standing under an umbrella. Azerbaijan, June 2022.

Mercedes team-mates Lewis Hamilton and George Russell standing under an umbrella in the pit lane. Azerbaijan, June 2022.

Imagine a world where F1 teams had to rely on just one driver in the World Championship rather than two…which driver would you pick at each team?

We have asked our very own On Track GP host Abbi Summers exactly that question in our first edition of Race or Reserve.

This format can leave you with some tough choices to make as you have to pick one driver to race for you and the other driver has to be unfortunately booted into a reserve role.

Starting with Williams and working up the current F1 grid, Abbi was grilled on which driver she would be choosing for each team if we had a sport where only 10 drivers lined up for race day rather than the full 20 we currently see now.

One of the key team-mate battles under the most scrutiny in F1 is down at the Mercedes garage with seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton going up against George Russell.

If it was down to Red Bull fan Abbi, she would be choosing the latter…

“It’s going to be controversial and people will say it’s because I don’t like Mercedes or Lewis Hamilton,” Abbi said.

“I do like Lewis Hamilton, but I’m basing it off the last season and [so far] this year.

“George is such a great driver and I would love to see him in a Red Bull one day. So I’m going to race Russell and reserve Hamilton.

“George is the future of Mercedes.”

Watch the full video below and we would love to know your 10 selections, too! Let us know in the comments section [oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to On Track GP on YouTube as well, thanking you kindly].