Abiteboul: Racing Point ‘really proud of copying’

Mark Scott
Cyril Abiteboul

Cyril Abiteboul fears one positive test could eliminate a team from a race weekend.

Renault boss, Cyril Abiteboul, is still a little bit bemused by the copycat approach taken by Racing Point in 2020.

Racing Point decided to ditch their own philosophy books and take a long hard look over the Mercedes way instead. It resulted in the team turning up to pre-season testing in Barcelona with a car that looked a whole lot like the Mercedes W10.

Enough to earn the RP20 the nickname of the ‘pink Mercedes’.

Whilst copying from other teams is absolutely nothing new in Formula 1, Abiteboul cannot think of a time during his association with the sport where a team has been so open and proud about doing it.

“They’ve got great photographers, that’s for sure,” Abiteboul told French broadcaster Canal+.

“But to be fair, I have noticed how they have quite honestly said they copied.

“I think it’s the first time since I joined Formula 1 that someone has been really proud of copying. It’s like someone who forges artworks being super happy with the work he’s done.

“Yet, it’s not worth the original piece, or the pride of working on an original piece.

A lot of the issues and talking points are on hold in Formula 1, but it appears Renault still have some questions that they want answering when the season does eventually resume.

He added: “The main thing to find out is: based on public information, is it possible to do such an accurate and efficient job?

“I won’t go any further at this stage, but it is still something we’re wondering about.”

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