Racing Point: At least six months to copy DAS

Michelle Foster


Racing Point’s RP20 may share a lot with Mercedes but one thing the team doesn’t have is DAS. Nor will it have it for about “six months”.

Mercedes’ latest innovation was the big talking point on Thursday as the reigning World Champions debuted DAS.

The dual axis steering system is controlled by pushing and pulling on the steering wheel, which alters the toe of the front tyres.

This not only improves drag reduction down the straights but also aids cornerning and creates better tyre wear.

Mercedes is adamant it is legal but Red Bull say it is not.

The big question, though, is if it is, will rival teams copy it.

Racing Point technical director Andy Green says it will take time to do so.

“The DAS is not so easy to copy,” he told

“Even a big team with huge resource like Ferrari and Red Bull, will take six month to copy it.

“You would have to completely rework out the front area of the car and maybe also change the chassis.”

He’s not the only one who doesn’t believe it will be easy to do.

Sebastian Vettel told “I don’t how easy it is to copy DAS, I don’t think it’s that simple.

“It seems very strange to me to use a steering wheel in that way with the feeling that it comes off.

“I think it makes more sense for the driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel.”

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