‘No chance’ Racing Point will copy Merc’s DAS

Michelle Foster
Racing Point garage 2020

Racing Point will not develop its own DAS system, saying it is of little use given that it will be banned as of next season.

Mercedes created headlines during pre-season testing when the reigning World Champions debuted their Dual Axis Steering system.

Controlled by the steering wheel, DAS changed the toe of the front wheels to improve cornering as well as drag reduction down the straights.

Added to that it also helps with tyre wear.

But while the system is legal for this season, at least according to Mercedes, will be outlawed from 2021 onward.

As such Racing Point technical director Andy Green says his team won’t be copying it.

“It is a significant project: significant to the point where I suspect it would require a new chassis from where we are now,” he told Autosport.

“Even if the rules weren’t changing next year, I doubt whether we would be introducing something like that for this year.

“But the fact that the rules are changing next year, and that type of system appears to be outlawed with a new regulation, then no chance.

“It is one of those small gains that if you can do it you will do it, but if you can’t you won’t.”

He added: “The magnitude of the benefit is going to be dependent upon lots of factors, from the tyres you are running, to the track you’re running at, to the basic handling of the car.

“At some tracks, there will be very little benefit, but some tracks it is maybe worth a few tenths. It’s a variable.”

Another team that won’t be copying DAS is Red Bull Racing.

Last week the team confirmed that they were ready to protest the system should Mercedes use it in Melbourne as Red Bull believe it is illegal.

That will rumble on for a few months now as Formula 1 waits to get the new season underway.

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