Racing Point explain their Mercedes ‘inspiration’

Mark Scott
Racing Point

Racing Point team principal Otmar Szafnauer doesn't think the Mercedes link is at risk under the budget cap.

Racing Point’s technical director, Andrew Green, has given the reasoning behind the team’s decision to mimic Mercedes’ design philosophy.

The RP20 looks very similar to the Mercedes W10 of 2019 which has caused grumbles from rival teams and many references to to what is now known as the ‘pink Mercedes’.

Speaking to reporters in Spain, Green said the RP20 is a result of Racing Point tearing up their own strategy and adopting Mercedes’ perspective for the final year of the current regulations.

“The inspiration is from the quickest car from last year,” Green told Autosport.

“That’s where our inspiration came from. It’s [a question of] why wouldn’t we?

“We’re in a position where we’re using their [2019] gearbox, we’ve got the same power unit, and the gearbox is designed for suspension to go with a certain aerodynamic philosophy.

“We had a car that was running around seventh in the championship. And we’ve got one more year of these regulations, and the development that we were seeing with the high rake car to me just wasn’t going to deliver, and it was worth taking a risk.

“And it is a big risk. We tore up what we did before, fresh piece of paper, where are we going to start?

“Well, you aren’t going to start looking at the slowest car on the grid are you? You’re going to start looking at the fastest car, and that’s where we started.

“If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, we’ve lost one year, but I don’t think we would have lost anything relative to not doing it.

“The downside of not doing it was much greater.

“We had to be confident that the team had the ability to understand what they were doing, and that’s the risk.

“I think from the data that we’ve seen during all the winter development our [aero] team have done a really good job at trying to understand how it all fits together and works.

“We’ve added our own bit to it, our own Racing Point side to it. So far, it seems really encouraging.”

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