Racing Point reprimand for retaining brake ducts

Jamie Woodhouse
Racing Point PA

Racing Point reprimanded for continuing to use brake ducts at 70th Anniversary GP.

Racing Point have been reprimanded following the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix for the continued use of their brake ducts.

Racing Point were deducted 15 points, fined 400,000 Euros and reprimanded for two races after their brake ducts were deemed illegal by the FIA.

The brake ducts are only illegal from a sporting regulations perspective, though, not a technical one. In other words, the process of how Racing Point put the Mercedes-inspired brake ducts on their car is not within the rules, but the parts themselves are legal.

But oddly enough the team are still able to use the brake ducts, although they will be reprimanded at every race at which they use them.

A huge debate continues to swirl around the issue with teams picking their sides and appeals being lined up from all directions.

And as expected, Racing Point were summoned by the Stewards after the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix and received the reprimand for continuing to use the brake ducts.

“The Stewards ordered the Technical Delegate to inspect the Brake Ducts of the BWT Racing Point F1 Team Car # 18 and Car #27,” read the official report.

“His report concluded that the Brake Ducts on the cars are probably of the same design as the Brake Ducts used at the previous three Grand Prix. The Stewards then summoned the Team Representative of Racing Point, who confirmed in writing that the Brake Ducts are of the same design as those used at the previous three Grand Prix.

“On Wednesday 5 August, 2020 a Special Panel of Stewards was formed by the authorities that appointed the Stewards to the previous three Grand Prix to hear together the protests lodged by Renault DP World F1 Team against the cars of BWT Racing Point F1 Team. The Stewards have taken notice of the decision in Document 4 (including the note in Document 5) of the Special Panel.

“The Stewards of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix believe that is important for the orderly conduct of the sport that the interpretation of the regulations by the stewards be reasonably consistent. The Stewards therefore join the decision of the Special Panel of Stewards and incorporate herein by reference, their findings of fact, reasoning and the reasoning behind their choice of penalties. This present decision should be read as entirely consistent with and drawing the same conclusions as Decision Document 4 (incl. Doc. 5) of the Special Panel.

“The Stewards therefore find that BWT Racing Point F1 Team is in Breach of Appendix 6 of the 2020 FIA F1 Sporting Regulations and order a Reprimand for the Team, operating Car 18 and Car 27.”

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Renault, McLaren, Williams, Ferrari and Racing Point have all lodged an intention to appeal the original sanctions imposed on Racing Point. They have until Wednesday to make it official.

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