Racing Point confirm appeal against RP20 verdict

Date published: August 12 2020 - Mark Scott

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Racing Point has notified the FIA that they will be protesting the decision to deduct points and fine them for using illegal rear brake ducts.

The team to be known as Aston Martin from 2021 were deducted 15 points and fined 400,000 Euros after the process of how the Mercedes-inspired rear brake ducts ended up on their RP20 car was deemed in breach of the Sporting Regulations.

Racing Point can continue to use the rear brake ducts as the part itself is not in breach of the Technical Regulations, but the team want to clear their name as they are absolutely adamant they have broken no rules whatsoever.

Ferrari, Renault, McLaren and Williams were also set to protest as well, arguing that the punishment was not strong enough, but McLaren and Williams have since pulled out of the process.

Now that all of the team stances have been clarified it appears to be Racing Point v Ferrari and Renault at the International Court of Appeal.

Racing Point were very vocal about their innocence once the FIA delivered its initial verdict, with the usually quiet team owner Lawrence Stroll getting involved.

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“I do not often speak publicly, however I am extremely angry at any suggestion we have been underhand or have cheated,” Stroll said in a statement.

“Particularly those comments coming from our competitors.

“I have never cheated at anything in my life. These accusations are completely unacceptable and not true.

“My integrity – and that of my team – are beyond question. Everyone at Racing Point was shocked and disappointed by the FIA ruling and firmly maintain our innocence.

“This team, under various names, has competed in F1 for over 30 years, and today employs 500 people. We’ve always been a constructor and will continue to be so in the future.

“Throughout those 30 years, this team has been an underdog, punching well above its weight with a fantastic group of people.

“Between 2016 and 2018, this was the fourth best team on the grid, operating on the smallest budget, and scoring regular podiums.

“Emerging from administration, with stability and fresh investment, this team’s competitive form should not be a surprise to anybody. The team can finally realise its potential and should be celebrated for its strong performance.”

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