Raikkonen: I’ll take it, third place


Kimi Raikkonen may not have been the lucky Ferrari driver in Australia on Sunday but the Finn was nonetheless happy with his third place.

Raikkonen was racing for second place in Melbourne only to find himself third after his team-mate Sebastian Vettel benefitted from a Virtual Safety Car.

The VSC was brought out after Lewis Hamilton, who had been leading, and Raikkonen pitted but before Vettel did.

That meant the German could pit under the VSC, getting the jump on both Hamilton and Raikkonen.

“It was okay, we didn’t have the most luck but what can you do,” said Raikkonen.

“Luckily it was Seb who got the luck and our team.

“I think I had a decent speed all day long, it is just difficult to pass.

“I had a good go at the second corner and then tried to follow and see if we can do something on the pit stop.

“The Safety Car was pure luck.

“We held onto third place, got some pressure at the end from Red Bull with more fresher tyres

“I’ll take it, third place.”