Concerning Red Bull ‘two years’ prediction made as Adrian Newey uncertainty rumbles on

Thomas Maher
Red Bull's Christian Horner, Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen talk in Saudi Arabia.

Christian Horner, Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen talk.

Former F1 star Ralf Schumacher believes Red Bull “is falling apart” and that Christian Horner is entirely to blame, with the team tipped to “sink into mediocrity” within two seasons.

With rumours abounding about the future of chief technical officer Adrian Newey, Ralf Schumacher has painted a bleak picture of what may lie in store for the Red Bull team.

Ralf Schumacher: Sole reason for Red Bull troubles is Christian Horner

Red Bull has been embroiled in off-track distraction since the start of this year, due to the commencement and later dismissal of an internal investigation by Red Bull GmbH into the behaviour of Christian Horner as team boss.

With the investigation dropped and Horner receiving the backing of all the current shareholders, the matter continues to make itself felt by way of all sorts of speculation involving other members of the team.

The latest rumours involve Adrian Newey, the team’s chief technical officer and overseer of its car designs – Newey has been with the team since 2007 and has played a big part in turning the Milton Keynes-based squad into the engineering behemoth it has become.

Newey’s future with Red Bull has been called into question following last week’s reports he is eyeing up a departure from the squad – he remains under contract with the team until the end of next season, while Red Bull says it’s “not aware” of Newey moving to another team.

But according to former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher, the latest stories are indicative of the turmoil that’s going on behind closed doors at Red Bull.

“Adrian Newey needs harmony, he needs a good atmosphere, a good workplace,” Schumacher told Germany’s Sky Sport News on Friday.

“And, at the moment, you have to say clearly: Red Bull is falling apart.” recommends

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While there’s no indication that the investigation into Horner has played any part in any decisions Newey may make, Schumacher has pointed the finger firmly at the Red Bull team boss.

“The sole responsibility for this lies with Christian Horner, who is holding on to power with all his might,” Schumacher said.

“I don’t think that will be the last problem he will have when Adrian Newey leaves him. Max Verstappen is already thinking about it too, as is Dr. Helmut Marko, if you watch him like that.”

The German driver went on to paint a picture of gloom for Red Bull should Newey depart.

“We remember last year when there were problems,” he said.

“[Newey] was ill once and then you immediately saw what was going on with Red Bull. Max Verstappen had difficulties.”

However, understands Newey would be unable to join another team until 2027 due to the existence of his current contract and then a period of gardening leave – meaning Newey would be 68 by the time he would start work for a new team.

Remaining under contract until the end of 2025, Schumacher acknowledged this and said: “If he wants to continue, he has to be free. Otherwise, of course, he will still be blocked and won’t be able to work for a new team.

“I give Red Bull two more years and if they continue to hold on to Horner, the team will sink into mediocrity. I’m pretty sure of that.”

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