RB boss reveals Concorde Agreement wish to stop F1 two-division split

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Laurent Mekies, F1 news

Laurent Mekies joined RB this season having perviously worked for Ferrari.

The RB boss Laurent Mekies has urged teams to “resist temptation” when discussing the new Concorde Agreement for fear of further segregating the grid.

All 10 teams are currently debating the Concorde Agreement with the existing deal set to expire at the end of 2025 but Mekies has cautioned against any major changes.

RB boss urges against major Concorde Agreement changes

The Concorde Agreement, named after Paris’s Place de la Concorde where the first deal was made, is the contract between F1, the FIA and the teams to determine how the series will be run.

The existing deal came into force in 2021 but will expire at the end of the 2025 season, meaning the teams along with F1 and the FIA are now drawing up plans for the new edition of the agreement which has existed since 1981.

For the most part, the details of this agreement are kept secret but a few aspects do leak out, most notably that teams receive a 50% share of F1’s profits, some receive bonus payments and Ferrari receives an extra 5% for being the only team to have competed in every season of F1.

But with the first draft of the next deal being written, Mekies has urged there not to be too many changes back to how things used to be.

“I don’t think we want Formula 1 being division one and division two,” he exclusively told PlanetF1.com in Monaco. “I don’t think it helps anyone. I don’t think it helps the fans. I don’t think it gives credit to the size of the organisations that are responsible.

“I think already all participants [have] 600 plus people for running two cars. I don’t think there is any indication that we need to be more extreme and if anything, you will probably want the field to be even tighter. Even less division one, division two.

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“So as a result, my wish is that the tier topic is a non-topic. I think it’s at the right balance right now. I would resist temptations to go back on that because all it will do is just spread the grid apart even more than it is now in terms of division one and division two and I think it’s best for the sport to have to have 10 strong teams competing eventually one with the others.”

As for deals within his team, Mekies also suggested to PlanetF1.com that they are in no rush to decide the future of either Yuki Tsuonda or Daniel Ricciardo.

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