Red Bull offer fans incredible opportunity to design RB19 livery at three US races

Henry Valantine
Red Bull RB14 concept, designed by Mr Doodle. February 2023.

Red Bull RB14 concept, designed by artist Mr Doodle. February 2023.

Red Bull have announced three of their liveries in 2023 will be designed by fans, at the American rounds of the Formula 1 season.

The sport heads to the States three times in the upcoming season, with Austin and Miami joined by Las Vegas on the Formula 1 calendar.

And at the launch of the RB19 in New York City on Friday, the reigning Drivers’ and Constructors’ champions announced that three special one-off liveries will be used in America this season, with a fan competition to be run to decide their colours for those three rounds of the season.

“This is very much about getting the fans involved in the design and look of the car,” Horner said at the car’s launch in Manhattan.

“For the three US races that we have this year, for the first time ever, we’re going to get the fans involved to create the livery for those three races.

“It’s going to be a competition, it’s a huge opportunity and we’ve thought long and hard about it. We know it’s what people want to see – to get involved – and this is your chance to be able to do that.

“For the first US race in May in Miami, the competition opens I think today, to get involved and come up with some interesting liveries.

“There will be then a panel of judges and we’ll pick out the best and most striking ones for these three races.” recommends

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Red Bull officially unveil RB19 livery in New York City launch

The team partnered with artist Mr Doodle to create a one-off black and white design for an RB14 show car, dubbed “The Doodle Bull”, which they are set to auction off and the proceeds will go to their in-house charity partner, Wings for Life.

Both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez signed the car, and Horner confirmed “every single penny” from the sale will go to the charity, which supports research into spinal cord injuries.

“The auction opens today through Christie’s – it’s going to look great in somebody’s living room or wall,” Horner explained.

“It’s a fantastic piece of art, you have to say.”

Red Bull also confirmed they will be partnering with Ford from 2026 onwards for their new power units, when Formula 1’s new engine regulations take effect, following the release of their 2023 livery.