Red Bull confirms Christian Horner’s attendance for RB20 launch

Thomas Maher
Red Bull's Christian Horner at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix.

Christian Horner is being investigated internally by Red Bull.

Christian Horner will be present for Red Bull’s launch of the 2024 RB20 at Milton Keynes, the team has confirmed.

After two weeks of speculation over Horner’s future with Red Bull as parent company Red Bull GmbH began an investigation into the F1 team boss, the racing team has confirmed Horner will be present for the launch of the Red Bull RB20 on Thursday.

Horner is being investigated by the parent company on the alleged grounds of his behaviour, although the exact details as to what the complaints are about have not been revealed by Red Bull or the F1 team.

Christian Horner to attend Red Bull RB20 launch

Having met last Friday with the external barrister appointed by Red Bull GmbH to investigate the allegations, understands that it’s been business as usual for Horner as he’s been on the ground in the factory at Milton Keynes.

Horner is also understood to have been in attendance at Red Bull’s filming day shakedown with the RB20 on Tuesday, and his attendance at the Red Bull launch at the factory on Thursday, February 15th, has also been confirmed.

The live-streamed show revealing the RB20 will feature Horner in his capacity as Red Bull Racing CEO and team boss, as well as the race drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

The launch show for Red Bull’s RB20 can be viewed on the team’s social media channels from 19:30 UK time.

While Horner continues to keep up his Red Bull duties while the investigation is ongoing, no timeline as to an outcome has yet been communicated by Red Bull GmbH. recommends

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Bernie Ecclestone refutes report of Christian Horner advice

Earlier on Wednesday, former F1 chairman Bernie Ecclestone responded to rumours in the German media that, having learned the facts behind the investigation, he had advised Horner to resign or step down from his role.

But Ecclestone took to social media to deny the story.

In a post reshared by wife Fabiana, the FIA Vice-President for Sport, Ecclestone denied he had passed any advice on to Horner: “To clarify reports by newspapers that I had urged or suggested that Christian Horner should step down from his position in Red Bull is entirely UNTRUE.”

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