Red Bull reportedly cancel press conference plans to talk with FIA

Mark Scott
Red Bull's Christian Horner at the Singapore Grand Prix. Marina Bay, October 2022.

There appears to be another twist in the F1 cost cap saga, with Red Bull reportedly cancelling their plans to hold a press conference to address the matter ahead of the United States Grand Prix.

Red Bull are facing fierce criticism from rival teams after the FIA finally announced after weeks of speculation that Red Bull were the only team on the grid to breach the cost cap for the 2021 season.

It is being widely reported that Red Bull overspent by a total of $1.8m, putting the team firmly in the ‘Minor Overspend’ category as set out by the FIA.

A ‘Minor Overspend’ can result in the following sanctions:

– Public reprimand

– Deduction of Constructors’ Championship points awarded for the Championship that took place within the Reporting Period of the breach

– Deduction of Drivers’ Championship points awarded for the Championship that took place within the Reporting Period of the breach

– Suspension from one or more stages of a Competition or Competitions, excluding for the avoidance of doubt the race itself

– Limitations on ability to conduct aerodynamic or other testing; and/or reduction of the Cost Cap provided that the reduction specified shall only be

However, Red Bull have been consistently stating that, based on their calculations and the accounts submitted for the 2021 season, they have not been guilty of any breach.

To seemingly address the issue once again, it emerged on Thursday evening in Austin that Red Bull had planned to stage a press conference on Friday morning ahead of the first practice sessions getting underway at the Circuit of The Americas.

But, according to respected F1 journalist Erik van Haren of Dutch publication De Telegraaf, that press conference is not going ahead.

“Red Bull had planned to schedule a press conference Friday morning about budget cap, but that will not happen,” Van Haren said on Twitter.

“Christian Horner must first consult with FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem.”

In the midst of press conference scheduling and continued calls from rival drivers to come down hard on Red Bull, it was also been widely reported that the FIA have approached Red Bull in order to try and reach a settlement with the team.

Doing so would start the drawing of the line under the matter, but Red Bull agreeing to this and the subsequent sanctions would also be an admission of guilt when they have been so defiant that their 2021 accounts are all above aboard.

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