‘Ferrari’s secret FIA deal leaves stale aftertaste’

Michelle Foster
Christian Horner head in hands

Christian Horner has joined Lewis Hamilton in citing one-stop races as a reason why Formula 1 is becoming boring.

Red Bull will not join Mercedes in calling a truce with Ferrari over last year’s engine saga with Christian Horner revealing it is worth “$20 million” to the team.

Last season Red Bull finished third in the championship with Ferrari second.

There are, however, questions about the legality of the Scuderia’s power unit which have been silenced by the FIA despite motorsport governing body’s attempt.

Last month the FIA announced that it had reached a secret agreement with Ferrari, putting the 2019 engine saga to bed.

Ferrari’s rivals reacted angrily, threatening legal action unless they get all the details and a definitive ruling on whether the Scuderia’s power unit was legal.

The team that stands to get the most out of it should Ferrari’s engine be deemed illegal is Red Bull.

Behind Ferrari in the standings, the difference between second and third is worth “$20 million” to the Milton Keynes squad.

Team boss Christian Horner is definitely not letting the matter go.

“The whole thing has a stale aftertaste,” he told Auto Motor und Sport.

“For us, it’s about a lot of money.

“It makes a difference of $20 million whether we finish second or third in the World Championship.

“Each of our employees has an additional bonus payment. We cannot just leave it like that.”

Meanwhile Helmut Marko confirmed reports that Mercedes had withdrawn from the seven.

Last week F1-Insider.com reported that Mercedes had agreed a truce with Ferrari and would not longer participate.

“Mercedes is out of the action at short notice,” said the Red Bull advisor.

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