Red Bull receive huge boost in their continued pursuit of total F1 domination

Mark Scott
Max Verstappen and Jos Verstappen celebrate title success. Austin, October 2022.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and father Jos Verstappen celebrate title success. Austin, October 2022.

Red Bull’s rivals will not be getting any helping hand from the FIA or F1 to end their sustained period of dominance, F1 boss Stefano Domenicali has confirmed.

Since the start of F1 2022, Red Bull have won a whopping 24 times in 29 races and are already well on their way to retaining their World Championship crowns after a perfect seven wins from seven races during the early stages of F1 2023.

There was a hope, rather than an expectation, that the FIA and F1 could intervene and introduce a rule change which would, in effect, stunt Red Bull’s rapid pace.

However, speaking on the latest Beyond the Grid podcast, F1 boss Domenicali has confirmed no such plans are afoot as it would be “unfair” to punish a team simply because they have been wildly successful.

Instead, Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin, all looking to knock Red Bull off their perch, are going to have to find the answers from within their respective bases to bring Red Bull’s reign to an end.

“It’s not correct because we cannot be seen as part of manipulation,” Domenicali said.

“This is not correct, and this is not fair. I am not imagining at all this kind of approach.

“I think that the gap is between one team and the others,” he said.

“We need to consider that they [Red Bull] did an incredible job. It is true that the gap seems to be big, but we need to be prudent, because we know in life things can change very quickly.

“The others are very, very close. If you look at the gaps to the other teams, I think that they did an incredible job, [and it] needs to be rewarded.’s recommended reading

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He continued: “So, as I said, it’s clear that the aim of what we want to do is to make sure that these gaps will stay as small as possible.

“I’m sure that the other teams are watching how they can catch up with their development in the context of the budget cap.

“It will be interesting to see if the development curve of the team that today is leading will slow down because, at the end of the day, they did a better job in the shorter term. So that will be very interesting to see in the next couple of months.”