‘No way is this real’ – Red Bull garage image emerges with new use for Chinese GP trophies

Jamie Woodhouse
Max Verstappen, Red Bull, 2024 Chinese Grand Prix.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

Creative or disrespectful? An image has emerged online seemingly showing Red Bull mechanics using their Chinese Grand Prix trophies as hula hoops.

The F1 2024 campaign so far has seen a continuation of the Red Bull dominance, with Max Verstappen having won four of the five races held so far, while also taking the Sprint victory last time out in China as part of a Sprint and Grand Prix double. A trio of P2s and a P3 for team-mate Sergio Perez in China has ensured a trophy-laded start to the campaign for Red Bull.

Red Bull appear to find unique use for Chinese GP trophies

Considering the record-shattering dominance unleashed by Red Bull since the start of Formula 1’s ground effect era in 2022, the trophy cabinet at Milton Keynes is likely getting rather full, so it seems Red Bull has taken the opportunity to put their latest additions to the collection to a different use.

The Chinese Grand Prix trophies were marketed ahead of the race as being a ‘first-of-its-kind wearable trophy’, with the design modelled around laurel wreaths that athletes used to receive for winning races.

An image circulating on social media appears to show two Red Bull mechanics using their Chinese Grand Prix trophies like the iconic hula hoop toy, while another films.

Red Bull mechanics hula hooping with their 2024 Chinese Grand Prix trophies.
Red Bull mechanics hula hooping with trophies.

That naturally led to plenty of debate among fans in the comments. Is a saturation effect setting in at Red Bull as the comfortable wins keep on coming? Or, is this some harmless fun for a team living their best F1 life?

One fan argues that the first of those theories is true.

“It feels like we may have reached a point where they’ve won enough. Hula-hooping a trophy certainly suggests they have.”

Another fan meanwhile said this answers their question over whether teams actually care for the trophies which they win.

“I’ve always wondered if drivers and teams actually care for the race trophies or if they are just another piece of clutter. I guess I have an answer.”

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However, a fellow fan argued that it is only natural for Red Bull to have some fun with such a trophy design.

“This trophy was a great idea. Usually, you just put it on a display shelf and that’s that. Look at it every once in awhile, but you usually forget about em.

“But look! You can actually wear this around your neck, like the laurels of old. Or hula hoop with it, as these guys figured out. Or use them as earrings. Maybe even a nose ring! I’m sure there are other users. Regardless, it lets people be imaginative! I’m only half-joking here. Seriously, why not have some fun with them?”

Another fan in agreement, added: “Let them have some fun, they deserved it.”

Red Bull are overwhelming favourites to add to their extensive trophy collection next time out at the Miami Grand Prix, where Verstappen is yet to be defeated since the event joined the calendar in 2022.

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