Revealed: Red Bull launch Las Vegas Grand Prix livery ahead of Sin City weekend

Henry Valantine
A close-up of the 2023 Red Bull Las Vegas livery.

Red Bull have named their 2023 Las Vegas GP livery 'The Neon Bull'.

Red Bull have launched their 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix livery, dubbed ‘The Neon Bull’ in honour of the bright lights of Sin City.

Red Bull have invited fans to submit changed livery designs for all three races in the United States this season, with the Las Vegas edition having now been unveiled ahead of the race this weekend.

It features elements of purple and gold on the car this time around, with casino chips and playing cards to denote the gambling culture in town.

Red Bull launch 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix livery

A full view of the Red Bull Las Vegas livery.
A full look at the Red Bull RB19 in its Las Vegas Grand Prix colours.

Small details on the car nod to the two Red Bull drivers, with the poker chip elements of the car having the numbers 1 and 11 on them, to match up with the race numbers of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Alongside that, the playing cards have their initials in each corner – along with a mocked-up Las Vegas sign on the RB19 as it goes in search of victory this weekend.

Having gone with stars and stripes in Austin for the United States Grand Prix and a colour change for Miami earlier in the season, the fan-designed livery for Las Vegas highlights the city as it gears up to host Formula 1 for the first time in 41 years. recommends

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The likes of Ferrari, Alpine and Williams have already revealed changed liveries of their own for the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend, with Alfa Romeo set to join them.

It is already one of the most highly-anticipated races of the season in Vegas, with the all-new street circuit debuting to plenty of hype and media attention – with a primetime Saturday night start time in the US this weekend.

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