Red Bull set to protest if Mercedes use DAS

Date published: March 11 2020 - Mark Scott

Valtteri Bottas Mercedes

Red Bull are poised to launch a second protest against Mercedes if they use their dual-axis steering system (DAS) at the season opener in Melbourne.

Mercedes introduced the innovative system during pre-season testing with the intention of using it during the upcoming season – before it is effectively outlawed under the new technical regulations in 2021.

While the secret is out about Mercedes’ DAS system, what isn’t clear is exactly when they plan to use it. When that moment comes, it appears Red Bull will be on hand to officially protest the system in order for the FIA to further scrutinise and provide more clarification on the device.

“For us, the system does not comply with the rules,” Marko told

“So we will protest when Mercedes uses the system in Melbourne.”

This protest would come in the same week that Red Bull also raised a legality issue relating to Mercedes rear brake ducts. That has resulted in the FIA issuing a Technical Directive and forced Mercedes into making some last-minute changes to their W11.

Also according to F1-insider, Renault could be the team to launch an official protest on the legality of Racing Point’s RP20, which has been dubbed ‘the pink Mercedes’ for its extreme likeness to the Mercedes W10 of 2019.

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