Marko reaffirms Red Bull not interested in Formula E

Jamie Woodhouse
Antonio Giovinazzi driving in Formula E. Saudi Arabia, January 2022.

Antonio Giovinazzi driving in Formula E for the Dragon/Penske team. Saudi Arabia, January 2022.

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko made it clear that the Austrian outfit still have zero interest in entering the all-electric Formula E series.

Formula E has been in existence since 2014, with a range of major manufacturers seeing the series as the future of motorsport at one stage.

That stance has changed for certain organisations recently, with the likes of Audi and BMW leaving Formula E, while Mercedes will do also after the current campaign.

Red Bull, however, has never been tempted by Formula E, Marko previously saying that was because they are “racing purists”.

And his opinion has not changed.

Former Formula 1 driver Pascal Wehrlein in Formula E testing. Valencia December 2021.
Pascal Wehrlein takes part in Formula E pre-season testing in Spain. Valencia December 2021.

“People have tried from many sides to get us to join, but it was enough for me to visit one race,” he said in an interview with Autorevue.

“We went to see the race in Uruguay.

“We made it very clear: no, that’s not us.”

The call made by Red Bull’s Formula 1 rival Mercedes to leave FE at the end of 2022 has left the founder of the series Alejandro Agag confused, citing Mercedes’ continued commitment to electric for their road cars.

“I cannot understand their decision,” he previously told MotorsportTV.

“It just amazes me. They’re selling more and more electric cars. In 2030 they’re going to stop selling combustion engine cars in the UK.

“To go back to racing with a combustion engine… maybe they want something of a ‘last dance’.

“They want to enjoy the last few years of burning fuel and then maybe in 2030 they will go back to electric racing. Probably earlier.

“I can’t understand the decision.”


Mercedes and Red Bull are busy preparing their challengers for the upcoming 2022 Formula 1 season, a campaign that will be contested with cars far different to the 2021 version, thanks to new regulations which have been brought in to the series.

Red Bull house the defending champion, as Max Verstappen looks to retain the World Championship crown which he won for the first time in his career in 2021.

Mercedes though are still reigning supreme in the Constructors’ standings, having won that title in 2021 for the eighth season in succession.


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