Red Bull Ring also willing to host multiple races

Mark Scott
Helmut Marko not ready to retire

Helmut Marko not ready to retire


Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko has said the Red Bull Ring, like Silverstone, would be willing to help Formula 1 by hosting multiple races.

Silverstone officials have put forward the idea of hosting more than one race, potentially on a reverse circuit, to give Formula 1 bosses as many options as possible when it comes to hopefully putting a race calendar together for later in the year.

As a dedicated, purpose-built racing track, Silverstone’s flexibility could be a real asset in the coming months and Marko says the Red Bull Ring can also play an important role and help in this regard.

“The possibility exists, because we have a ready-made facility,” Marko told

“If the case arises, we could organise [multiple races]. That’s the advantage of the Red Bull Ring, it’s a ready-made facility that can be opened overnight.”

“It’s a matter of negotiation with Liberty, it depends on how it looks in the rest of Europe too.

“It won’t help if the travel restrictions in the rest of Europe are such that no one can enter without being quarantined.

“You’ll have to wait and see, we’re not alone in the world.”

Auto Motor und Sport believe multiple races in Austria and Great Britain could well be on the agenda as they are reporting both the Canadian and French races are set to be the next venues to postpone their events.

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