Red Bull threat identified as driver move rumours hot up – F1 news round-up


F1 may be deep into its summer hibernation, but the F1 news is still trickling in to quench us all of our continued thirst.

Naturally at this time of year, there is plenty of driver move talk powering up the rumour mill and there is news of a complex legal battle for Williams…

If you had a busy end to the weekend, here are the top five leading headlines from the world of F1 in one handy place for you.

Christian Horner reveals what could endanger Red Bull chances of undefeated F1 2023

You may have realised this, but Red Bull have won every single race so far this season and you just know, despite the usual cliche of taking it one step at a time, that they would love to overshadow Mercedes’ recent achievements and do something they never managed to do: go an entire season unbeaten.

There are 10 races left for Red Bull to achieve it, but a whole host of potential scenarios could shatter that dream at any given moment on any given race weekend.

Christian Horner has highlighted one specific factor which will give a glimmer of hope to their rivals looking to end the streak when racing resumes later this month in Zandvoort.

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Williams embroiled in $100m legal battle involving fraud and adultery claims

Seeing Williams battle it out towards the lower end of the F1 grid is one of the sadder sights in the sport and headlines like this will help very little in getting the team back to where we would all like them to be.

As you will read, this potential court case is a complex one.

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Mick Schumacher ‘obvious contender’ to replace struggling driver ‘under threat’ of sack

F1 summer break = the official start of F1 silly season. This equation is ringing true once again as we look to fill seven spots on the F1 2024 grid.

One of those could well be filled by Mick Schumacher if this following report is to be believed. Toto Wolff will be doing everything he can to try and help Mick get back on the grid but, the question is: Can he make it happen?

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Helmut Marko’s bold claim to highlight Max Verstappen ‘in class of his own’

There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by without someone, somewhere, lavishing praise on Max Verstappen – and it’s usually either Christian Horner or Helmut Marko.

This day is no different, but you would have to find an extreme Max Verstappen hater to say that the praise isn’t entirely justified.

His stats this season are just insane and it is hard to imagine that Marko’s latest bold claim wouldn’t happen. It’s a shame we will never get to see it!

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McLaren reveal initial plan for their brand new wind tunnel

The sudden McLaren surge up the F1 grid has injected some much needed life into the F1 2023 season and it is now full steam ahead in their pursuit of one day becoming World Champions again.

One major infrastructure change in the form of a new wind tunnel will hopefully push the team closer to that aim in the years to come and team boss Andrea Stella has informed the F1 world of what the initial plan will be. Exciting times ahead? We hope so.

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