Adrian Newey Red Bull contract situation torn apart by hopeful Italian media

Michelle Foster
Adrian Newey on the grid in Jeddah with a Ferrari in the background

Could Ferrari feature in Adrian Newey's future?

Should Adrian Newey leave Red Bull, it will be for a “dream team” with Lewis Hamilton as reports in the Italian media proclaim his impending departure.

‘Red Bull is about to lose’ Adrian Newey screams Corriere dello Sport but the Italian publication isn’t too fazed, after all, Ferrari could be the winners in F1’s raucous 2024 silly season.

‘Whoever hires Newey gain access to a wealth of ideas and experience’

Even before silly season kicked off in earnest there were the announcements that Charles Leclerc would remain at Ferrari and Lando Norris had signed a multi-year deal with McLaren for beyond 2025.

And then came the kicker, Lewis Hamilton would partner Leclerc in 2025 have signed a multi-year deal. Suddenly Mercedes were a driver short and Carlos Sainz didn’t have a job.

The driver market, though, has turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg.

In a racing series that often debates car versus driver, and today more specifically versus Newey-designed car, it is the design guru who is the most wanted/needed/in-demand person in Formula 1.

Signed to Red Bull, at least for now, the Briton has reportedly been offered a big-bucks deal by Aston Martin while Ferrari are forever knocking on his door.

Throw in McLaren, who Damon Hill believes would be a good option for the designer, or Mercedes who could really do with his input in the ground-effect aerodynamic era and half the grid would pay a lot of money for Newey, and the other half wants him.

Red Bull have made it clear amongst all the rumours that Newey has put to pen to paper through to the end of the 2025 championship.

But as Corriere dello Sport puts it according to f1maximaal: “So what?” recommends

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“Hamilton,” the publication added, “was also under contract with Mercedes until 2025, and yet.

“Agreements can be broken: it’s just a matter of paying. And no one knows the exit clauses. Just think that Horner, the number one in the team, was not aware of the clause that allows Verstappen to leave if Helmut Marko leaves Red Bull.”

Corriere della Sera responded to that: “The brilliant designer’s recent masterpiece is Verstappen’s Red Bull, but could he repeat it elsewhere?”

“About a thousand people contribute in one way or another to the construction of an F1 car within a top team. How can one person still be crucial in this modern era of racing?

“Newey is crucial, and still is, or so believe those trying to sign him, while Red Bull tries to minimise losses by emphasizing that Verstappen’s cars are the result of teamwork.

“One thing is certain: whoever hires the engineer from Stratfod-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s city, will gain access to a wealth of ideas and experience.”

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