Renault appoint Senard and Bolloré

Renault appoint Jean-Dominique Senard Senard and Thierry Bolloré

Renault appoint Jean-Dominique Senard Senard and Thierry Bolloré

Renault have appointed Michelin CEO Jean-Dominique Senard to be their new chairman following the departure of Carlos Ghosn.

On Thursday, two months after his arrest in Japan for financial irregularities, Ghosn stepped down from his role as CEO and chairman.

However, rather than appoint one person to both roles, Renault have opted to split the CEO and chairman responsibilities.

The board named the outgoing Michelin boss Senard as chairman and Ghosn’s former deputy Thierry Bolloré as chief executive,

The statement said: “In addition to all the functions normally performed by the chairman of the board, the new chairman of the board of directors of Renault will have to evaluate and, if necessary, change Renault’s governance in order to ensure the transition to the new structure.

“He will present his proposals on the evolution of governance to the board of directors before the next general shareholders’ meeting.

“In addition, Renault’s board of directors wishes to supervise actively the functioning of the Alliance and decides to give its chairman full responsibility for managing the Alliance on behalf of Renault, in liaison with the chief executive officer.”

Senard will have “full responsibility” for managing the alliance with Nissan and the fellow Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi while Bolloré will be in charge of Renault’s operational activities.

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