Renault bemoan strength of ‘B-team’ outfits

Renault: Bemoan B-team strength

Renault: Bemoan B-team strength

Renault boss, Cyril Abiteboul, has bemoaned the strength of ‘B-team’ outfits such as Toro Rosso following the first day of action in Melbourne, Australia.

Toro Rosso began by being firmly involved in the midfield pack in FP1 but did fall out of the top 10 in the second practice session with both Renault cars showing improvement.

But Abiteboul is still not happy with how teams are able to forge closer alliances with strong technical relationships like Toro Rosso enjoy with Red Bull.

“Just look at Toro Rosso, who in my opinion are likely to be the team to beat as far as we’re concerned for the start of the season given where we are,” Abiteboul told Sky Sports F1.

“Toro Rosso had no technical director for most of last season. It’s very clear what went on.

“So we don’t even need a technical director to produce what is a very competitive car. For us that’s a problem.”

Abiteboul went on to say that Haas were the team to blame the change in how ‘B teams’ work.

“There was a before and after Haas that has created a precedent,” he added.

“I’m not challenging, but I’m just saying how do we move forward for teams like us, like McLaren, like Williams?

“But also how does a manufacturer that’s currently not in Formula 1 that wants to join Formula 1, how is it they will seriously contemplate reaching Formula 1 if it’s not possible to win without a B-team?

“For me that’s a strategic question we have to consider for the discussion for 2021. For ’19 and ’20 that’s gone now, we are gone with that type of set-up. But for 2021 I hope everyone realises how serious a question it is.”

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