Renault face ‘big decision’ with resources

Michelle Foster
Renault announce 2020 car launch date.

Renault announce 2020 car launch date.

While F1’s top teams can easily throw resources into 2020 and 2021 at the same time, Alain Prost says Renault face a “big decision” deciding where the money goes.

Next year’s championship will be the last year under the current regulations with Formula 1 undergoing an overhaul for 2021.

The sport will be moving over to ground effect aerodynamics with the hope that it will improve the racing.

But while F1’s top teams may have bigger resources available, Prost says teams such as Renault could opt to focus on 2021 and get a headstart on their rivals.

“The top teams have the money for two programmes,” the Frenchman told Auto Motor und Sport.

“Even if they develop quite normally for 2020, they have a budget for 2021 that is as big as ours for both years.

“We can then prepare for 2021 under almost the same conditions as the top teams.

“It is our very big opportunity.”

But while Renault has a choice to throw all its resources into 2021’s new regulations, Prost feels it would difficult for the team to write off 2020 before even the first grand prix.

“We have to make a big decision now,” he said.

“A team like Renault can’t easily write off the 2020 season to sacrifice it for 2021.

“We are forced to do reasonably well.”

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