Renault will change their 2020 F1 car

Ross Gibson

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Buckle up new Renault car is coming in 2020. There will be substantial changes to the car, as the public eye is very excited to see the new upgrades.

Renault always had the best cars on the market, regardless of the many failed attempts by the team on the tracks such as the poor weekend in Austria.

The Renault team had done many experiments to do a realistic analysis and finally agree on the improvements that need to be done with the RS19.  There were a couple of public announcements and speculations by the team on portals.

Abiteboul explained that “It’s very clear where we are competitive, it’s very clear where we are not competitive”

“We need certain tracks where on balance it’s going to be OK, like Silverstone, Montreal or Paul Ricard. Certain tracks will not be OK.

“That’s why we need to come with fixes. It’s not just fixed, it’s big changes to the car. We understand the problems; the problems are visible and clear.

“But fixing those problems will take a bit of time. If we want to alleviate our problems, we need to make substantial changes.

“For the time being, we’ll be struggling in certain characteristics of corners. We were struggling in Austria; we were completely passengers of that situation.”


Silverstone being considered as an in-season test venue for 2020 if the British GP remains on the calendar.
Silverstone being considered as an in-season test venue for 2020 if the British GP remains on the calendar.

He also confirmed that there was approval by the British GP, they witnessed the strength of the car however it needs to be improved in the medium speed corners area.

Abiteboul is certain about the quality of the car. He also claimed “We think the situation is clear. Our car can be extremely decent in some conditions, it can be very decent on the straights, it can be very strong in low-speed corners.

“We were almost the most competitive car of all in Sector One in qualifying, and in a repeated manner, which says something, in a track like Silverstone.

“We were OK in sector three and Turn 16. So, straights, low-speed corners, high-speed corners, all of that is pretty good. It’s really the medium speed corners, particularly where they are long and they are lasting for a lot, that’s where the characteristics and the balance of the car are hurting us.

“There is good news and bad news. The bad news is it’s a clear weakness that can cost a lot of lap time at certain tracks, as was the case in Austria. The good is that it’s one problem well-identified, properly understood, it’s just the time it will take to bring the solution.

Abiteboul also confirmed that there won’t be any significant changes until the end of the summer. However, most of the substantial changes will happen in 2020.

“Changes are coming, but not an awful lot will be done before the break. I would prefer to have some substantial changes, when that will be possible, and also a long-term plan, including next year, rather than trying to rush something into the next race which is not going to make a difference.

“I’d prefer that there is enough time to bring something and develop something to make a difference for everyone, including the drivers, who will feel the difference, rather than advertising something which won’t make a difference.”