Revealed: What is motivating Lewis Hamilton to continue on with Mercedes journey

Sam Cooper
Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton remains without a win since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton said it is the dream of standing on the top step once again that motivates him to continue in F1.

The seven-time World Champion is heading into his 18th season of competition but does so in the most barren run of his career, without a win since 2021.

With a record number of victories and world titles, it could be easy to see Hamilton walk away at the age of 38 but the Mercedes driver has detailed what keeps him going.

Lewis Hamilton details dream behind F1 longevity

Hamilton has failed to cross the line first since the 2021 race in Saudi Arabia, by far the longest period he has gone without a win in his career.

He has also cut a frustrated figure at times, annoyed by Mercedes’ insistence on sticking to a car concept he himself had doubts about.

But he reaffirmed his commitment to both Mercedes and Formula 1 last year when he signed a two-year extension, keeping him in the sport until at least the end of the 2025 season.

As for what motivated him to make such a move, Hamilton said it was the dream of being back on the top step once again.

“It’s the dream of standing on the top step, seeing your team,” he said. recommends

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“One of the most amazing things is being able to look back and having the flag of the nation rising behind you, and seeing the team.

“I remember the first win I had with this team. I have a particular picture of 2015 in Australia with the [team] down there in tears. It was just amazing to be a part of that.”

But Hamilton said he has another movie keeping him going, continuing his mission for equality.

“The power of that is a huge part of the drive. Winning the world championship is a huge part of the drive. Continuing to build with the team on the impact work we’re doing, and continuing to push with the team with Mission 44.

“I don’t know how far that can go and I’m trying to expand it, and that means I’ve got to raise more money.”

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