Revealed: Team entry fees for the 2019 season

2019 entry fees revealed

2019 entry fees revealed

Following the FIA’s official confirmation of the 2019 entry list, the respective entry fees have now been revealed.

As per the current regulations, all teams are required to pay a base figure, which this year stands at £424,368 ($546,133), then all teams must then pay additional costs based on the World Championship points earned in 2018.

As champions, Mercedes were required to pay £3.759m ($4.838m) in total, which includes the £424,368 base figure plus 655 points at a price of £5,093 ($6,553) per point.

The remaining nine teams all pay the same basic figure, but are charged £4,241 ($5,459) for each point instead.

The total entry fee costs exceed £13m ($17.4m).

Entry fees for 2019

Mercedes: £3,759,400 ($4,838,348)
Ferrari: £2,846,326 ($3,663,222)
Red Bull: £2,201,596 ($2,833,454
Renault: £941,827 ($1,212,131)
Haas: £818,819 ($1,053,820
McLaren: £687,328 ($884,591)
Racing Point: £644,911 ($830,001)
Sauber: £627,945 ($808,165)
Toro Rosso: £564,320 ($726,280)
Williams: £454,037 ($584,346)

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