No reverse Barcelona GP due to safety

Michelle Foster
No reverse Barcelona GP due to safety

No reverse Barcelona GP due to safety

The Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona is open to running more than one grand prix but the second event won’t be run anti-clockwise as it wouldn’t be safe to do so.

With the start of the 2020 Formula 1 season on hold, Formula 1 bosses are looking into ways to run as many races as possible in what could be a five-month period.

One suggestion has been to remain Europe with tracks hosting more than one grand prix.

The races would, at least the first few, be held behind closed doors with one event one in one direction and the second in another.

However, if Barcelona makes the cut for two races, circuit boss Joan Fontsere says the design of the track means they cannot hold one in the usual clockwise direction and the other anti-clockwise.

It just would not be safe.

“It is not possible due to safety measures,” Fontsere explained to

“There are very few circuits that have loopholes designed to run both ways safely.

“In Barcelona it is impossible even if we change some corners slightly.

“It is not a problem to homologate the circuit, the FIA would help us, but at this circuit is is unfeasible due to a safety issue.”

He is, however, open to hosting more than one race as long as the Spanish government gives the track the go-ahead.

“We will have to see initially what the Government authorises us to do in terms of health and safety,” he added.

“Ross Brawn said that Liberty Media can guarantee the safety of the circus. Obviously we would help in this process.”

Should the race take place behind closed doors, Fontsere concedes even the media may be barred from attending with just TV broadcasters on hand to bring the show to people at home.

“Today we do not know what it would be like for the press,” he said. “If what we want is for a World Championship in 2020 to be solid enough to return to normality in 2021, we all have to give up certain things.

“If you have to do a championship with only one content provider and that the rest of the media has to feed it with extra content, that is how it will be.

“With only one broadcaster and one photography, the F1 organisation can carry it out. Then the media would enrich the content for their part.

“This would not be the main problem, despite the fact that I feel bad for the press.

“It is one of the possibilities, we will see.”

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